How to sew a cloth mask

For those in the festival community, cloth face masks have long been a must have accessory. Due to recent events however, they are in seriously high demand. I will be releasing small batches of masks every Friday evening in my shop. You can find available masks *HERE*

Want to sew your own? Below you will find my own personal pattern for a fitted cloth mask that features slide through slots for your ties of choice, as well as optional alterations for a filter pocket and nose wire. 

These are not medical-grade masks, and I can make no claims to their effectiveness, but they have served me well on many a dusty dance floor through the years.

Download the Pattern *HEREand follow the instructions below to make your own cloth mask.

Depending on your preference, your pattern pieces should look like one of the following. All four the same for a simple mask, or with one side of the liner cut down according to the red dashed line on the pattern to allow for a filter pocket.

With right sides together, stitch along the curved center seam of both your outer  and liner fabric.

*Filter Pocket Option* Press back the edge of your smaller liner piece and top stitch that as well.

Press the center seam if you like to reduce bulk. You may even choose to top stitch the seam to one side for a more finished look. You will then sandwich the pieces with right sides together, making sure to line up the center seam. Stitch around the entire pattern, being sure to leave an opening large enough to turn the mask right-side out.

*Filter Pocket Option* – Leave the side with the pressed seam open and turn your mask through that opening.

Clip corners and then turn masks right-side out and press edges. You will then top stitch all the way around the mask, being sure to close up the opening. 

*Nose Wire Option* – If you would like add a nose wire to the simple mask, you can do so now by sewing a small channel using the green lines on the pattern, and slipping the wire in before closing up the mask. You can also add a channel to the outside of your mask when it is finished using bias tape or scrap fabric, and leave one end open to allow the wire to be removable.

*Filter Pocket Option* – Fold and press the edges of the outer fabric as shown. You will then top stitch around the mask.

*Nose Wire for the Filter Pocket Option* Sew the small channel using the green lines on the pattern, but don’t close the end facing your filter pocket opening. This will allow you to reach in and remove or replace the nose wire as needed.

Next you will fold the edges inward along the blue fold line on the pattern, or roughly 1″ , and then stitch this down to create a channel for your elastic or ties. 

*Filter Pocket Option* Fold edge and stitch down just before the liner to leave your opening.

Feed your elastic or tie through the channels. You can choose smaller pieces to go just around the ears, or longer to go around the entire head, which I find to be much more comfortable and adjustable.

I hope you were able to follow along. While much of my life has been spent sewing, this is my first time creating a sewing pattern for anyone but myself to use, and it was a challenge to say the least. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, and if you make this mask I would love to see your results!

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